Bill Verification

The Problem

All too often consumers receive inflated electricity bills. There are many reasons, like unrealistic estimates instead of proper meter readings, faulty meters, administrative errors or just plain incompetence. 

Also, most people do not know how to read an electricity bill. They take it as gospel and simply pay up while the actual usage is in fact, far lower. 

Complicated electricity bills certainly are a challenge for virtually any business. On an average day accountancy people in most companies are required to evaluate the correctness of a utility bill without the specialist knowledge necessary to understand it. Accounts are regularly settled to avoid risking a supply cut-off by the utility or to prevent late charges, without any proper investigation.


Before you do anything else, make sure you are able to read your electricity bill and truly understand every item that appears on it. Unfortunately, some municipalities seem to relish in the complexity of their bills and to make it hard to read and understand. Therefore, we urge you to read the feature below:

The Smart Solution

To ensure correct billing for your electricity account, you have to take proactive steps. The adage “you can’t manage it if you can’t measure it” is particularly true in this case. Any successful business keeps strict records and control of its stock and expenses, and electricity consumption should be no exception.

Accordingly, a certified digital smart meter is a fundamental requirement to authenticate all the pertinent information regarding an electrical installation. Although all the critical data is contained in the municipal smart meter, it is not accessible to the consumer.

Specialised software and hardware are required to extract the data and to download it is illegal anyhow. The municipality views it as tampering, and it carries a hefty fine.

The Smart Solution - A Modern Smart Meter

The Smart Solution - A Modern Smart Meter


A Smart Meter measures and records your energy use every few minutes. This information can answer some critical questions:

Am I paying for what I actually use?


Installing a smart meter on your premises that reads and records exactly what the municipal meter is supposed to, makes good business sense.

Our smart meters record the actual consumption and demand precisely, and the software is programmed to generate a virtual bill that mimics what the municipal bill should be, at the click of a button. If there is a marked difference, (which is usually in the council’s favour) the council bill could be challenged. In case of a dispute, you will have access to data with legal standing.

My premises is in a business complex. Am I paying my fair share?

Frequently, customers receive electricity bills from landlords with virtually no information other than the amount payable. When queried, they are usually referred to the readings of a sub-meter, which rarely tells the whole story.

For instance, in bigger installations where a demand charge is applicable, the popular kWh sub-meter is wholly inadequate. It is not uncommon to find the demand charge being divided equally among tenants, irrespective of the rental size. Common areas is another minefield that often causes disputes and unhappiness. A modern smart meter is the smart solution.

From a principled landlord’s point of view, unhappy tenants often accuse their them of ripping them off with inflated electrical bills. A smart meter instantly settles those arguments.

Bill Verification Utility

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Bill Verification Utility

All data is readily available via a web-based online system where the authorized user has round the clock access. The client can automatically check the monthly bills received from the Landlord or Council and compare on line with meter data. Any variance is highlighted, and the system provides a full audit trail of bills.

In addition to the load profile and billing data, additional statistics can easily be generated for a given load profile. These  statistics  provide  accurate  billing  information  for  the  period  selected,  allowing  a  customer  to measure directly the financial implication of a specified period

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Web-based Online System

The data is displayed on a very user-friendly graphic interface, which makes interpretation straightforward. By having detailed information at your fingertips many additional benefits are possible, like a number of advanced energy management tools.

Should you be concerned about data security, you can put your mind at rest because everything is transferred to an off- site backup database on a daily basis.

With EnergySnitch software now compatible with the GUI and available to Smart Meter customers at no cost, advanced analysis of Smart Meter Data is now practical, user-friendly and efficient.   Learn more about EnergySnitch software


Accurate, up-to-date data enables you to make informed decisions, and you can take whatever action is suitable to manage your electrical energy consumption effectively. For the first time, you will really know what is going on in your wires.