The Energy Manual offers five key strategies and energy efficiency studies to help you optimise your business' electricity use.

This intensive research is available at NO COST to our Smart Meter Customers .

In a sector dominated by heavily theoretical approaches, the Energy Manual offers practical and accessible steps and insights to help businesses use their smart meter data to uncover energy efficiency. This well-researched, all-inclusive action plan shares case studies of businesses that successfully implemented the five strategies to optimise their systems.

The advantages of following the Pendulum Energy Comprehensive Manual:

  • Once excessive or unnecessary energy usage is discovered, the manual sets out practical energy saving guidelines for the occupants of the building
  • All industries can benefit from an energy policy. A fine track record plays a big role in your competitive advantage by making your company more appealing to clients, individuals, existing and prospective staff members, financial institutions and business associates.

The Energy Manual contains:

Energy Efficiency Studies

Five Key Strategies

  1. The Crux of the matter is How and When: Cost-saving opportunities will become apparent when you can clearly see how you are using electricity. (download full strategy)
  2. Understand how you are billed: Before you do anything else, make sure you can read your electricity bill and truly understand every item that appears on it. (download full strategy)
  3. Invest in an Energy Action Plan: Setting goals for more efficient usage can significantly reduce your costs. (download full strategy)
  4. Managing your Energy: Making changes to your operations or equipment can yield savings. Not all energy-saving ideas require capital investments. This section explains in practical terms how your company can use smart meter data to uncover Energy Efficiency that could significantly reduce your electricity costs. Insight into several techniques in this section will help you learn how to trace wastage and reduce your electricity consumption. (download full strategy)
  5. Engage staff in Energy Saving: While business owners must lead the way in energy efficiency, cutting down on wastage is a team effort that involves all members of staff.  (download full strategy)

Use the Energy Manual along with these Pendulum Energy tools: