Software that saves you hours of energy data analysis

Our Smart Meter customers have FREE access to EnergySnitch.


In order to avoid time-consuming and often complicated manual data analysis, we have developed EnergySnitch software. Available freely to Smart Meter customers, this software offers an advanced analysis of smart meter data and answers the questions:

How and when are we wasting electricity? Just how much energy is actually lost? What improvements have we made in minimizing electricity use? Are our improvements sustainable?

The advantages of using EnergySnitch software:

  • EnergySnitch generates in depth information about your organisation's systems, which serves as an accurate point of departure for your energy-saving efforts
  • The software works seamlessly with the Smart Meter interface
  • EnergySnitch is practical, user-friendly and efficient
  • It transforms intricate and voluminous smart meter data into Excel charts and tables
  • Visual representations of your energy consumption data allows you to easily and quickly identify energy saving opportunities
  • EnergySnitch increases productivity by saving you time and providing complete assessments of the energy usage across your systems


Even though EnergySnitch software was developed for our own unique systems, it can be used with most Smart Meters. Contact Pendulum Energy to discuss bespoke software. 


EnergySnitch software is best used in conjunction with: