Full Liveview Subscription


LIVEVIEW is a web based energy information reporting tool that provides you with an online view of when and how much electricity is being used at any time. It enables you to monitor and visualise your energy consumption in great detail from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet.

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What does it cost?

For a complete turnkey solution, we require a fully refundable deposit of R2900 upon signing a 3-year agreement. After that, a monthly fee of R1,170 is payable in advance by debit order. Where multi-point metering or sub-meters are required, we will happily provide a free quote.


What does it include?

  • A certified Kamstrupp Smart Meter complying with the South African Code of Practice for Metering (NRS 057). It is capable of recording all the electrical parameters used in metering including, but not limited to, kWh, kVA, kVArh, and TOU (time of use).
  • Complete installation and commissioning at your premises.
  • Unrestricted online access to LIVEVIEW, a web based energy information system that really tells you what is going on in your wires.   
  • Bill Verification Utility, which allows you to verify monthly bills from the landlord or council automatically.  Find out More 
  • EnergySnitch, advanced analytical software plus step-by-step user manual.      Find out More
  • Energy Efficiency Manual, which explains in practical terms how you can use smart meter data to significantly reduce your electricity costs.   Find out More
  • Project Management, Survey and Design.
  • Free Maintenance or Replacement for the duration of the agreement.
  • SMARTWIRE, a mobile energy information tool that forms an extension of LIVEVIEW, is now included in the subscription. The application can be installed on any iOS or Android device.                                      


A submetering, or individual metering option provides you with a complete overview of your power consumption.

It makes the process of finding your way through the billing of tenants or assigning costs to certain areas or departments in bigger installations, significantly easier. Automated data collection from submeters avoids most of the hassles usually associated with collecting data manually. It makes it possible to obtain accurate detail of energy use and demand from a particular circuit to a complete building or complex. Costs are minimized as a direct result of fast detection of leakages and high consumption. The improved understanding of consumption patterns could encourage changes in tenant or employee behavior to keep further costs down.

Because sub-meter installations need to be tailored to a particular installation, it is not possible to provide a generic quotation. We will gladly do a site visit to determine your particular needs and provide a quote at no cost.