Pendulum Energy offers three specialised tools to help businesses solve the critical problems of measuring and managing their energy consumption.


Without the right energy measurement tools, businesses are left with no choice but to trust the accuracy of their electricity bills. They are often inflated for reasons like unrealistic estimates, faulty meters and administrative errors. With no way of proving otherwise, this is an expense that often leave businesses in the dark. Your own certified smart meter is the only way to find accurate readings of your consumption and demand. 


   To manage electricity efficiency programmes properly, your business needs to do two things. First, establish the accuracy of your electricity bill. Second, invest in an Energy Action Plan. Neither is possible without transparent, precise and accessible meter data – not something monthly council bills can reliably provide. No matter what Energy Saving Plan you have already implemented, maximum efficiency cannot be attained without accurate measurement and ongoing access to consumption insights. 


 Pendulum Energy offers specialised tools to record and interpret electricity usage, giving businesses the power to measure and manage their energy consumption. With the option to use these tools together as a cohesive package or separately as individual resources, our aim is to help you find the best way to optimise your specific systems.

If you would like to reduce your energy use, save money and shrink your carbon footprint, consult the in-house expert who knows more about your energy use than anyone else - your very own Smart Meter.                                                                                                For the first time you will really know what is going on in the wires.



EnergySnitch is specialised software, which transforms Smart Meter data into clear, visual representations of your energy consumption and demand. It helps you to quickly and easily identify areas where you can curb wastage and save money.   EnergySnitch is practical, user-friendly and efficient.                                                                                                Our Smart Meter customers have FREE access to the full version of the software..


Managing Your Electricity Costs” is a comprehensive manual defining five best practise strategies for controlling electricity costs in a business. In addition, it describes in detail how to access, interpret and use smart meter data to optimise your organisation's electricity consumption and demand.

Similarly, this intensive research is available to our Smart Meter Customers at NO COST.