Do you find yourself asking the following questions?

If so, it is time to consult an in-house expert who knows more about your energy use than anyone else: your electricity Smart Meter.  

No matter what I do, my electricity bill remains high. Why? Am I paying for what I actually use? Where else can I reduce energy consumption? How can I be sure that all unnecessary equipment is turned off outside operating hours? My business premises is in a complex. Am I paying my fair share? Our summer bills are unusually high. Is this from air conditioning? 

Does my energy use correspond to my operating hours? Is new equipment increasing my energy consumption? When does my energy use jump unexpectedly, and what is this costing me? Even when my facility is "asleep", what does equipment that is always on or on standby cost? When we shut down for holidays, does my building's energy use also shut down?


The difference is that you now have unlimited online access to critical data about your business’ energy consumption. Having accurate, regular insight into how and when your business is using electricity is the key to substantial energy savings. In the past, businesses have been required to get by with complicated and unreliable monthly electricity bill data to evaluate building energy efficiency and to review historical trends of a building's energy consumption. That need not be the case any longer.

    The advantages of installing a Smart Meter:

    • Smart metering provides transparent, consistent and affordable energy consumption data
    • You are no longer reliant on municipal meter or sub-meter readings to assess your business’ expenditure on electricity
    • You have access to a paper trail of energy usage data to back any council bill challenges
    • Precise data insights help avoid and manage disputes in a shared business complex
    • Data is available around the clock via a web-based online system
    • Data is displayed on a user-friendly graphic interface that makes interpretation easy
    • The online system reconciles monthly electricity bills with actual usage and highlights any disparities so that you can raise these with the council or your landlord
    • Data is backed up daily in an off-site database
    • All work on Smart Meters is done by trained technicians in accordance with the South African Code of Practice for Metering (NRS 057) who formally record readings for future reference
    • Smart Meters are calibrated in a SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) accredited laboratory as required by NRS 057 with formal certificates of calibration available at any time

    Smart Meter customers also have FREE access to the following Pendulum Energy tools:


    Software that is compatible with the Smart Meter online interface and which generates an advanced analysis of Smart Meter data


    A manual outlining five key strategies and energy reduction studies to use with your Smart Meter insights to optimise your energy usage