The LiveView system is a business intelligence tool that exists to monitor, measure, and manage your electricity use.

There areGood Reasons 

why it is imperative to get your business’ electricity cost under control

1 Spiralling Tariffs.

From 2007 to 2019, electricity tariffs increased by 446%, whilst inflation over this period was 98%. Thus, electricity tariffs increased more than four-fold in 12 years.

Based on the currently approved increases for 2020 and 2021, the total increase in electricity tariffs from 2007 to 2021 will be 520%. By then, electricity tariffs would have increased more than 5-fold in 14 years.

Graph and data by courtesy of friend and colleague Dr. Sean Moolman.     

  Municipal Malpractice

On top of the excessive tariffs, there are widespread reports of inflated electricity bills caused by unrealistic estimates, faulty meters, administrative errors or just plain incompetence, to name a few. Adding insult to injury, the last thing a business needs is an incorrect electricity bill.

3   Unintentional Energy Waste

When you consider that, on average, 10-20% of the very expensive energy bought by businesses is lost, managers and owners should take steps to improve their organisation’s energy efficiency.

Responsible businesses will address the issue, but before a policy is outlined, it is essential to know which areas to blame for the wastage. And that, precisely, is the problem. Without knowing when and how you use your energy it is virtually impossible to track down the areas that bleed you dry.


We cannot do anything about 1but our LiveView system can undoubtedly help with 2 and 3.