is a business intelligence system to monitor, measure, and manage your electricity use

At R1,170 per month, there is no need for any capital outlay

If your bill varies monthly by more than this amount, you probably won’t even bat an eyelid. However, if it is cut by thousands, even tens of thousands, believe us, you will sit up and take notice.

There are three compelling reasons to bring your company's electricity costs under control

1. The frightening escalation of electricity prices

From 2007 to 2021, electricity tariffs increased by 753%, whilst inflation over this period was 134%. Thus, electricity tariffs increased more than five-fold in real money terms in 14 years.

(Click here to read the full article by friend and colleague Dr. Sean Moolman)

2. It could threaten your company's existence

Failing to stop wasting exceedingly expensive electricity could have serious consequences. Having data available at your fingertips with insight across every facet of your electricity consumption can prove immensely useful in managing costs.

Without fail, the data will turn up several energy wastes that can be rectified by operational changes alone.

3. The menace of municipal shenanigans

On top of the excessive tariffs, there are widespread reports of inflated electricity bills caused by unrealistic estimates, faulty meters, administrative errors or just plain incompetence, to name a few. Adding insult to injury, the last thing a business needs is an electricity bill that has a shaky relationship to the truth.

Our Bill Verification Utility is a particularly handy and popular feature.

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