Creative Energy Management

Increasing production and sales to improve finances will take a far bigger effort, more capital, and, importantly, risk to equal the benefits of effective energy management

To be effective, though, creative management demands three critical elements.

Energy Sub-meters

You need a sufficient number of energy meters to furnish the required data resolution your business demands.   Learn more

Analytics Software

You need access to eiEnterprise our enterprise-class analytics software, to identify, verify, and deliver opportunities that can often save a company 15 – 20% on utility bills. (Sometimes, even more)  Learn more

Detailed Guidance

You need detailed guidance on where and what to look for and which actions to take to improve your company's energy efficiency.   Learn more

Positive Cash Flow

Unlike other energy efficiency providers, we offer all of the above resources without the hurdle of any capital investment, offering a subscription service instead.

Every unit of energy saved is an immediate decrease in operating expenses, which easily covers the subscription. The rest goes straight to the bank. You spend nothing but gain substantially in reduced overheads while providing the business with much-needed cash flow reserves. This is how growth happens. We see it every single day.

It is simple: Do nothing and gain nothing, or go out and create a highly productive, profitable business.


The First of the Critical Elements

Metering is the first of the three critical elements that creative management demands. Without vital smart meter data, you are probing in the dark, and the odds for success are stacked against you. Understanding when, where and how much energy is being used is a crucial step in effectively reducing consumption, and submetering is the only tool that can achieve this.

Monitor individual Equipment

At the heart of the system sit the various submeters that monitor the consumption of individual equipment within a facility. Factory owners may want to know where the heavy usage is inside their plant; how much energy is consumed to operate production machinery, compressors, chillers, pumps, etc. Office building owners may want to make sense of their HVAC and lighting systems consumption.

Typical Energy Squanderers

Examples of conditions that are typically uncovered include pumps running continuously, excessively early boiler start-up times, lights burning in unoccupied areas, poor control of services after evening activities have ended, etc. The list is endless.

Create Accountability

Once you can accurately allocate the energy usage per machine, production line, or whatever, you can treat it as a business unit where the "manager" is accountable for meeting productivity and efficiency goals. Some clients take it so seriously that responsibility is devolved to individual machine operators or even workstations.

The Second critical element is eiEnterprise, which identifies where energy consumption is going and reveals which production line, facility or machines are bleeding you dry.


The eiEnterprise dashboard provides a detailed picture of energy consumption and the specific areas where energy is used.

Data is automatically acquired and displayed on a browser-based dashboard with creative visualisation.

The importance of graphing smart meter data cannot be overstated. Our eyes are much better at identifying patterns and trends from graphical information than tables or numbers.

Equipment monitoring and business intelligence identify where money is spent and where saving efforts should be focused.

Transform data into action and unlock your system's full potential using enhanced energy visualisation and analysis.

eiEnterprise is user-friendly and intuitive, making it the most versatile tool for analysing and managing energy use.

Advanced Analytics

Our analytics software simplifies energy management through creative software as a service platform. The powerful and easy-to-use data analytics modules help you discover energy and cost-saving opportunities to improve your business’ performance.

The graphic presentations of energy usage allow you to compare energy usage and cost easily. Having data available at your fingertips with insight across every facet of your electricity consumption will prove immensely useful in managing costs.

Automate Reports

This module enables you to customise automated energy reports and simplify how you provide insights to the management and staff members.

The different report types include consumption trend analysis with daily, weekly and monthly comparisons, top consuming areas and equipment, demand, power factor, tariff and several more.

Reports can be automated, so you don’t have to set them up whenever you need to send them.

Key Performance Indicators

The KPI Module allows you to create your own Key Performance Indicators and apply them across a number of sites, facilities or monitored circuits.

To make a fair comparison, you can factor in variables such as production output, floor area, number of workers, local climate and other metrics.

Normalising the data in your analysis will reveal more accurately the areas of energy waste, inefficiency, highest consuming facilities and their associated cost.

Detailed Guidance

The Third Critical Element provides detailed guidance on where and what to look for and which actions to take.

“Implementing an Energy Management System” is our thoroughly researched manual, which provides comprehensive descriptions of practical and accessible steps and insights into savings opportunities.

In a sector dominated by heavily theoretical approaches, it contains in-depth explanations, avoiding academic or scientific language where possible. Where certain descriptions required some maths or technical terms, we endeavoured to keep it as simple as possible.

The extensive index with cross-referencing and clearly marked clickable links to pertinent sections make navigating the pages easy.

Even though the manual was created to accommodate corporations or large companies, it was specifically designed to be easily scaled for any size of business.

It is simply a matter of selecting material that applies to your organisation. The principles remain exactly the same, from a corporate structure to a one-man show.

The staged approach of our model is rooted in a clear set of activities that emerged from the best practices found in the literature.

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