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The LiveView System

LiveView is a business intelligence tool that exists to monitor, measure, and manage your electricity use. It consists of a smart meter that transfers comprehensive data to an online dashboard, accessible from any computer or smartphone.

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Most businesses have a demand sensitive account, so it is vital that every business manager understands the concept. Therefore, we asked Paul to explain it in layman’s terms for those of us who are not familiar with technical terms.

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Electricity Demand

Our colleagues at PowerOptimal produced this delightful animation that expands on Paul’s presentation in the video above.

By courtesy of colleague Dr Sean Moolman.

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Will your business survive this pandemic?

Here is a business-driven approach to help you get the better of COVID. It’s much easier to cut expenses than it is to grow your income.

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Will the plastics industry survive the never-ending electricity increases and municipal shenanigans?

                                                                                               The logical next step would be to eliminate waste where it matters most and pick the low hanging fruit.

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