Energy Efficiency Manual

“Managing your Electricity Costs” explains in practical terms how you can use smart meter data to uncover Energy Efficiency that would significantly reduce your electricity costs. Find out how to trace wastage and reduce your electricity consumption by keeping abreast of modern techniques.

This well-researched and comprehensive manual describes the Five Strategies for controlling electricity costs in detail. They form an all-inclusive plan of action to achieve a long-term and overall advantage for your organisation through its arrangement of resources within a challenging environment.

In a sector dominated by heavily theoretical approaches, the Energy Efficiency Studies offer practical and accessible steps and insights to help you use your smart meter data to uncover energy efficiency. This all-inclusive action plan shares case studies of businesses that successfully implemented the five strategies to optimise their systems.

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The Five Strategies covered by the manual

1.  The Crux of the matter is How and When                                                                  Cost-saving opportunities will become apparent when can clearly see how you are using electricity.o.

2.  Understand how you are billed                                                                                  Before you do anything else, make sure you can read your electricity bill and truly understand every item on it.                                                              

3.  Invest in an Energy Action Plan                                                                         Setting goals for more efficient usage can significantly reduce your costs.

4.  Managing your Energy                                                                                                 Making changes to your operations or equipment can yield significant savings. Not all energy-saving ideas require capital investments.

5.  Engage staff in Energy Saving                                                                            While business owners must lead the way in energy efficiency, cutting down on wastage is a team effort that involves all members of staff.



The Energy Efficiency Studies covered by the manual

1.  Conserving energy is simple once you can easily see just how you are using it

2.  The Fundamentals of Energy Management

3.  The Ultimate way to use Smart Meter Profiles to uncover Energy Waste

4.  Principles for regular Energy-Performance monitoring that work really well

5.  Smart Meter Data Analysis

6.  Smart Meter Data – Energy Information that is loaded with critical information

7.  Get your employees to chip in for your Energy Awareness Campaign