Johannesburg Business Owners and Managers

If your electricity bill drives you up the wall, it may be time to approach it from an entirely different angle.

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The disarray in the billing department of the Johannesburg City council was widely reported in the press, and many consumers have discovered that having a billing error corrected is next to impossible.

All too often consumers receive inflated electricity bills without realizing it. If the truth be known, the city council frequently applies incorrect rates, and billing errors are common. There are many reasons, like unrealistic estimates instead of proper meter readings, faulty meters, administrative errors or just plain incompetence. Whether by accident or design, they inevitably result in additional expenses to your business – unnecessary costs that you can avoid, with our help.

There are no up-front costs for our services. It is only after your rates are brought into line, or billing errors refunded, that Pendulum Energy receives a percentage of the resultant savings. If we fail to recover any funds, you owe us nothing. This way our clients are assured that all our expenses are fractions of refunds or savings which guarantees a net gain.

Complex electricity bills indeed are a challenge for virtually any business. Most people do not know how to read an electricity bill, and they take it as gospel. On any given day, accountancy people in most companies are required to evaluate the correctness of an electricity bill without the specialist knowledge necessary to understand it. Accounts are regularly settled to avoid risking a supply cut-off or preventing late charges, without any proper investigation.

Trying to understand and verify electricity bills is difficult and time-consuming. Drawing on our considerable experience, we will skilfully review your electricity bills and facility energy use to eliminate over-charges. That, however, is only the first step. There is no point in trying to argue a case with the council without proof. They will merely intimidate you and me into submission.

Relying on the council’s measurement and billing for information to manage your electricity costs is poor business practice. Even though the municipal smart meter contains all the essential data, it is not accessible to the consumer. Specialised software and hardware are required to extract the data and downloading it is illegal anyhow. The municipality views it as tampering, and it carries a hefty fine.

For that reason, our engineering approach differs from most others, in that we gather sufficient scientific evidence by employing our own, renowned, smart meters. After all, what can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof!

Installing a smart meter on your premises that reads and records precisely what the municipal meter would, makes good business sense because the first step to a more efficient facility is simple: Consult the in-house expert who knows more about your energy use than anyone else – your Electricity Smart Meter. Remember, you cannot access the municipal smart meter data other than the monthly readings on your bill, and that is useless for management purposes. Investing in your own Smart Meter is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make.

Finally, we commit our facilitation know-how, gathered by dealing with the council over many years, to correct errors and pass credits where due. Cutting through red tape and institutional inefficiencies is where we earn our keep. We have the good fortune of having built a good working relationship with the city. We know their requirements and procedures, and they appreciate the integrity of our submissions.

It is only at this point when it is verified that the client’s account had already been credited, that we earn a percentage of the value of the refund. If we fail to recover funds or realise any savings, there are no fees at all, and you owe us nothing, despite any work done. This practice guarantees that our involvement will never cost you a cent!

Our commission varies from case to case, dependent on the complexity of the problem. However, we negotiate it up front, and it is outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding, which contains each party’s requirements and responsibilities.

Pendulum Energy has been performing utility rate analysis for several years and has recovered many millions in refunds and savings. However, exceptional claims demand exceptional evidence, which we are more than happy to present upon request.