The LiveView interface offers multi-view profiles, selectable by calendar for any period, and incorporates the indispensable Bill Verification Utility. It is user-friendly and intuitive, making it by far the most versatile tool for analysing your energy use. At first it might look intimidating, but you only need to use as much, or as little data that you need for your purpose. The professional facility manager would probably use most of it while for someone else a couple of figures would suffice. To get you going in no time, a pictorial step by step Liveview manual is available online. Potential clients are welcome to download the manual to see the wide variety of resources on offer.

Download LiveView Manual

For the more technically inclined it measures consumption (kWh), demand (kVA) and Reactive Power (kVArh), and automatically calculates power factor and load factor. All the data is stored permanently, which means you can retrieve any data going back to the time the meter started operating. It is great for comparison purposes and absolutely vital for any energy efficiency campaign.

The LiveView remote metering display shows you precisely what is going on in your wires. All the power-related information generated by the smart meter is linked to the display, which is accessible from on any computer, tablet or smartphone. The graphic user interface clearly shows consumption and demand from any 30-minute interval to the next. The importance of graphing smart meter data cannot be overstated. Our eyes are much better at identifying patterns and trends from graphical information than from tables or numbers.