You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it


You would probably never even see your smart meter because it is usually safely tucked away in its own enclosure, while all the data is available on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The Liveview interface offers multi-view profiles, selectable by calendar for any period, as well as several reporting formats. It is user-friendly and intuitive, making it by far the most versatile tool for analysing your energy use. The importance of graphing smart meter data cannot be overstated. Our eyes are much better at identifying patterns and trends from graphical information than from tables or numbers. To get you going in no time, a pictorial step by step Liveview manual is available online. Potential clients are welcome to download the manual to see the wide variety of resources on offer.

Download LiveView Manual


To manage your electricity efficiency programmes properly, you need to do two things. First, establish the accuracy of your electricity bill. Second, invest in an Energy Action Plan. Neither is possible without transparent, precise and accessible meter data – not something monthly council bills can reliably provide. No matter what Energy Saving Plan you may have already implemented, maximum efficiency cannot be attained without accurate measurement and ongoing access to consumption insights. To help you use your smart meter data to uncover energy efficiency, our Energy Manual offers practical and accessible steps and insights.

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Saving Energy is Easy when you can See Exactly how you are using It.

It helps you to quickly and easily identify areas where you can curb wastage and save money.